"The Turbomiser utilises the best air shear technology to achieve optimum spray coverage using less water. A range of spray heads are available to suit the application. Low volume, air shear sprayers can cover the same vegetative surface sprayed by ‘dilute volume’ machines, but with a much lower quantity of water. As a comparison, a single tank of water used in a Turbomiser could cover up to the same area covered by 3 tanks used in a dilute spray application rate sprayer. Atomisation of the spray liquid in a Silvan Turbomiser is achieved by introducing the water and chemical mixture into a very powerful air stream through a venturi tube. The air stream then shears the liquid into a narrow range of droplets."

Vineyard head

Specifically designed for spraying trellis trained crops targeting the crop from both the top and bottom via multi-directional spray heads i.e. height, tilt, angle, etc.

Hi Lo Orchard head

HI LO ORCHARD HEAD / P55DS Designed for tree crops. The spray tower includes four air shear fishtail outlets providing an air stream top and bottom that converges in the middle for a full canopy coverage.

Super Cannon (Greenhouse)

Designed for single side applications to ground crops and vegetables via multi-directional sprayheads i.e. height, tilt, angle, etc. Optional turntable turns cannon left to right.

Turbo Tower (Orchards)

Suited to the largest Turbomiser fan, the tower utilises six multidirectional spray heads to ensure accurate and complete coverage of tall tree crops.

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