Bag Filter housing

Advanced solutions for a variety of filtration applications



Lightweight, economical filter housings. – ECOLINE housings have a lightweight design for commercial, OEM, non-hazardous, low pressure applications that do not require a Code Stamp. – The cost-effective design incorporates a handy V-clamp closure and threaded couplings. The lid is fitted with a 1/4” NPT connection for easy fitting of a vent or gauge.

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Versatile, heavy-duty cost-effective filter housings. – A FLOWLINE housing is the best choice for industrial, commercial and OEM applications that do not require a code stamp. The standard design is available with threaded or flanged connections. – A cost-effective design incorporates all of the features heavy duty applications demand but in a lightweight construction. – FLOWLINE housings feature a special design that uses a minimum number of welds for a smooth, easy to clean interior surface.

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The best filter housing for the most demanding applications.

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Mid-priced filter housings for most applications.

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QIC-LOCK™ MAXILINE™ VMBF SE The user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing for high vol­ume applications and processes demanding frequent bag change­out. Ideal for batch process runs and high dirt load applications. MAXILINE™ MBF HE The user friendly, cost effective bag filter housing for high vol­ume, multiple applications and processes. MAXILINE™ MBF HD The MAXILINE HD multi-bag filter housing features a cost effective, handwheel operated, davit cover. Loosen the swing bolts, turn the davit handwheel and swing the cover aside.

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Duplex units for continuous filtration processes.

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Double or modular multibag unit for larger flow rates.

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Rugged, all plastic housings with a choice of PVC, CPVC, PPL or PVDF construction to meet the needs of all ultra-pure or corrosive applications.

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