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PROGAF filter bags bring a new, high-performance alternative to applications requiring absolute filtration. PROGAF filter bags’ progressive density depth filtra­tion delivers high efficiency (up to 99.98%) and long life with all the convenient features of a bag filter. In comparison with other filtration technologies, PROGAF filter bags deliver lower operating costs while retaining the ease of change-out typical of a bag filter.

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The ACCUGAF filter bag pushes the boundaries of bag filtration technology far beyond traditional designs. With efficiencies >99%, each ACCUGAF model provides cost-effective filtration solutions for demanding applications. The five models assure users that particles from the range of 1.25 microns can be removed effectively while delivering long service life.

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LOFCLEAR filter bags now make absolute filtration viable in many applications where only standard bags could be used due to cost constraints. Made from 100% pure polypropylene materials compli-ant with food requirements, LOFCLEAR filter bags contain no leachables or lubricants such as silicone oils. In addition, their excellent oil adsorbancy makes LOFCLEAR filter bags ideally suited to the oil removal needs of the paint and coatings industries.

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• Compliant materials assure compatibility with all food applications. Sewn bags use special lubricant-free thread
• Independent verification guarantees conformity to EC and FDA requirements
• Low-migration media minimizes substances introduced to fluids
• SENTINEL® Ring Bag Seals eliminate fluid bypass

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DURAGAF filter bags represent the state-of-the-art in needled felt bag filter media. Their unique structure delivers equal filtration performance with lifetimes 2-5 times longer than ordinary felt media. The result is reduced operating costs due to lower bag consumption, downtime, change-out labor, storage and disposal.

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SENTINAL (Plastic ring)

SENTINEL filter bags represent the industry standard in bypass-free filter construction. Available in polyester and polypropylene materials, all SENTINEL filter bags feature:
• SENTINEL Pressure Actuated Seal Ring
• Silicone Free Needled Felt
• Super Strong Welded Construction
• Non Migrating Media Construction

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SNAP-RING (Metal ring)

Superior, Consistent Quality
SNAP-RING filter bags are manufactured to the highest standards of fabrication available. Materials must satisfy strngent specification available. Materials must satisfy stringent specifications for filtration perfor­mance and media purity. Production under 9001 :2000 quality systems results in order to order, year to year, reliability and repeatability. Heavy duty sewing thread and the metal seal ring are produced to Eaton specifications and guaranteed to be silicone free.

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For simple, minimal­pressure non-critical open filtration appli­cations (that is, filtra­tion without a ves­sel), a BANDSEAL Filter Bag offers many cost-effective choices. These filter bags are available with a draw­string that permits them to be installed directly on the end of a pipe, without the need of an adapter.

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The Next Generation of Filtration Systems
This new, patent pending filter element has combined the best of both bag and cartridge filters into one sin­gle filtration element for outstanding filtration perfor­mance. Because the surface area of the HAYFLOW ele­ment is up to 70% greater than a similar size filter bag, existing systems that use it experience longer filter element life and less changing, resulting in reduced running costs. Designers of new bag filtration systems can opt for reduced running costs or, because of the high flow rates possible with HAYFLOW filter element, reduce filter housing size by up to 50% thus lowering the initial cost of the system.

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MAX-LOAD coreless filter bags are manufactured from melt-blown media. Combined in a multi-graded configuration they provide an excellent dirt holding capacity. The rigid structure with a total media depth greater than 18 mm, provides a barrier to hard and metallic as well as deformable gel-type contaminants.

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Mono & Multi filament

monofilament filter bags feature
a wide range of retention ratings.
The different materials cover
many applications with demanding
chemical and thermal properties.
These filter bags are designed for
surface filtration to retain particles
that are larger than the respective
pore size.

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