Filter accessories
& Spare parts

Original Eatron Accessories, Consumable and Spare parts for safety and reliability

Restrainer Baskets (Perforated)

Heavy-duty, electro-polished SS 316, perforated plate baskets
(included with housing) allow use of filter bags and
HAYFLOWTM filter elements up to differential pressures of
3.5 bar. Available in all standard sizes, fitting all Eaton bag filter
housings. Specially designed restrainer baskets, including
construction options such as HASTELLOY® or Epoxy coated,
are available. Standard baskets can be used in combination
with adaptor rings for retrofitting other types of housings.

Magnet bar

Magnet assemblies are inserted into the filter bag during
filtration. They are a combination of bag positioner fitted in the
center with a magnetic bar(s). Filter bag lifetime is extended
by retaining magnetic particles, such as chips and fines,
preventing deposition onto the filter media. They also retain
finer magnetic dust when using filter bags with coarser
retention rating. LOFNETIC magnets are available in size 01
and 02 filter bags using one or two SS 316-covered magnetic

Insertion tools (Bag lock ring)

Highly recommended for all installations and mandatory for
some, insertion tools ensure correct positioning of the filter
bag within the basket and eliminate any “bobbing” movement
of the filter bag caused by uncontrolled back pressure. This
avoids any chance of the filter bag bursting. ACCUGAFTM,
PROGAFTM and LOFCLEARTM 500 filter bags need to be
equipped with an insertion tool. A special, new collar design
firmly fixes the insertion tool inside the filter bag during
filtration. They are available in sizes 01 and 02.

Leg assemblies

Height-adjustable leg assemblies are standard for size 01 and
housings and are optional for ECOLINETM single bag filter
housings. Wall mounting brackets are also available.

Displacement balloons

Inserting a displacement balloon inside the filter bag
minimizes the amount of residual liquid present in the filter
bag and reduces product loss. This eases the changing of the
filter bag, eliminating the need for expensive, pressure-aided
draining systems. A special, new collar design firmly positions
the balloon inside the filter bag. The SS 316 balloons’
maximum Δp is 230 15.9 bar.
They are available in sizes 01 and 02.

Gaskets and O-ring seals

As standard, Eaton metal bag filter housings are fitted with
Buna-N® O-rings. Plastic housings have Viton® O-rings. Other
material options, such as EPDM, Viton, PTFE encapsulated
Viton or silicone rubber, are available as flat gaskets. The
options offer a variety of chemical and thermal resistances to
meet a multitude of uses and applications.

Mesh strainers

Bag filter housings may be fitted with SS 316 mesh lined
strainers in place of baskets to convert them to strainer filters.
Mesh strainers are available in four standard sizes: 01, 02, 03
and 04. Retention ratings are 25, 50, 100, 150, 250, 400 and
800 μm, respectively.

Hold-down rings (Bag fixed ring)

MAXILINETM MBF bag filter housings are fitted with different
hold-down rings (included with housing). They hold the filter
bag securely inside the restrainer basket, which in turn is
positioned correctly within the housing.


Gauges, vents, eye-bolts, clamp-screws, V-clamps,
center-bolts, butterfly and ball valves are all available as
accessories or spare parts to fit Eaton’s various bag filter

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Filter accessories
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