Poly-Lite Filter Housing - 01 & 02 Size Bag

Polypropylene - Lite Duty Filter

The Poly-Lite Bag Filter offers an economical and user friendly alternative to many liquid filtration applications with favourable operating cost benefits.

Poly-Lite housings are constructed from high impact polypropylene to be compatible with a wide range of fluids and its ergonomic screw down lid is designed for simple hand operation allowing for a quick filter changeover.

Fitted with 2" BSP/Socket fittings.

Specifications PL50 PL75
Max Flow Rate 190 lpm 50 gpm 270 lpm 70 gpm
Required clearance for servicing 530 mm 20.9" 770 mm 30.3"
Max pressure 600 KpA 87 psi 600kPa 87 psi
Max temperature 40°C 100°F 40°C 100°F

Convert the the Poly-Lite to a Strainer by replacing the filter bag with a perforated or mesh lined basket. <<Read More>>

Note: All components are Polypropylene other than stainless steel screws holding restrainer basket in position internally.

Accessories and Options

Bag Fixing Ring

The standard Poly-Lite has tabs to hold the filter bag in position. The Bag Fixing Ring replaces the tabs and provides a quicker, more convenient and more positive method of bag fixing.


The Stainless Steel Basket fits inside the filter bag and acts as a pre-strainer, removing larger particles. The pre-strainers can also be used to protect the bag from sharp objects in certain applications. Requires a Bag Fixing Ring to retain the Bag/Basket combination.

Many perforation sizes and mesh linings are available.

Strainer Basket

The Stainless Steel Strainer Basket replaces the Filter Bag.

Many perforation sizes and mesh linings are available.