Choose the Bag Filter Housing Design which suits your needs

The Eaton-GAF Bag Filter System is based on pressurised liquid filtration in which the product to be filtered is passed through a filter bag from inside to outside, leaving the solids in the filter bag.

The process has a proven record over many decades and provides a simple and reliable method of filtering. The housings are designed to enable a bag change to be completed within minutes, with minimal mess and product loss. Most housings can be fitted with bags from 1 micron absolute.

Filter Bag Sizes - Flow rates are based on using a Nominal rated filter bag.
Size Flow Rate Dimensions Flow Area
01 20,000 7" dia x 17" long 2.6 sq.ft.
02 40,000 7" dia x 32" long 5.0 sq.ft.
03 6,000 4" dia x 8" long 0.8 sq.ft.
04 12,000 4" dia x 14" long 1.5 sq.ft.
Eaton-GAF Filter, Topline Filter Vessel
Topline Filter Size 01 & 02

The best filter housing for most demanding applications.

Eaton-GAF Filter, Ecoline Filter Vessel
Ecoline Filter Size 01 & 02

High quality, low cost filter vessels for applications lower pressures.

Eaton-GAF Filter, Sideline Filter Vessel
Sideline Filter Size 01 & 02

Mid-priced, heavy duty construction, side entry vessel for most applications.

Eaton-GAF Filter, Miniline Filter Vessel
Miniline Filter Size 03 & 04

Compact, side entry vessels in Sideline & Ecoline design.

Eaton-GAF Filter, Flowline Filter Vessel
Flowline Filter Size 01 & 02

Lightweight, cost effective filter vessel.

Eaton-GAF Filter, Polyline Filter Vessel
Polyline Filter Size 01 & 02

All plastic polypropylene or PVDF construction for corrosive and sensitive applications.