Model 2596 Strainer

The debris-laden fluid enters the strainer’s bottom chamber where the line velocity is reduced. Flow continues upward, passing radially through the sealed screen element, which traps debris on the inside of the screen. The flow is uninterrupted and the strained fluid flows to the outer annulus and exits through the outlet nozzle.

Backwash cleaning is accomplished by utilising the pressure differential between line pressure and atmosphere. A high-efficiency, full flow backwash arm extending the entire length of the screen element, rotates slowly inside of the screen and is piped to atmosphere. The port shoe is in proximity to the screen and its opening is equivalent to the “debris collector” sections created by the convolutions and/or vertical collector bars in the element.

When cleaning is required the automatic backwash valve opens the system to atmosphere, causing a high velocity reverse flow across the isolated section of the screen. Dirt and debris are dislodged from this segment of the screen into the backwash arm and out the strainer through the backwash piping. During the backwashing cycle the main flow is uninterrupted and continues to be strained in the normal manner.

Designed to monitor and operate the backwash cleaning system, auto- matic control systems are simple to operate, reliable, and easily maintained. They are set to clean on differential pressure with a timed backup. The design allows field adjustments to suit the demands of the service conditions, ensuring effective cleaning with a minimum use of backwash fluid. Systems are available in automatic intermittent or continuous back- washing modes.

Model 2596 Flow Rate Comparison Chart
I/O Size & Construction
GPM (US) Flow rate
2" Cast 50 - 120
3" Cast 100 - 260
4" /4L" Cast 170 - 450
6" Cast 370 - 1000
8" Cast 500 - 1800
10 " Cast 900 - 2800
12" Cast 1200 - 4000
14" Cast 1600 - 5000
16" Cast 2000 - 6500
10" Fabricated 900 - 2800
12" Fabricated 1200 - 4000
16" Fabricated 2000 - 6500
18" Fabricated 2500 - 8500
20" Fabricated 2900 - 10,200
24" Fabricated 3200 - 15,000
30" Fabricated 5000 - 24,000
36" Fabricated 7800 - 35,000

Model 2596 - 2” Thru 8”

Cast Construction Model 2596 Automatic Self-Cleaning Pipeline Strainers are available for six different pipeline sizes. The 4”L size is designed for applications where the combination of flow rate and open area requirements may be too great for a standard 4” size. Flow rates up to 1,800 GPM.

Model 2596 -10” to 16”

Cast Metal models provide flow rates up to 6500 GPM.


Model 2596 - 10" to 60"

2596 Fabricated models are available in eight different sizes from 10” to 36”, 48” and 60” can be fabricated upon request. Custom designs and exotic materials are also available upon request, consult Eaton