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Eaton Loftrex

Melt Blown, High Performance Filter Cartridges

LOFTREX filters are the ideal medium for critical chemicals, paint/ink, water, plating, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, microelectronics and cosmetics processing applications.

LOFTREX high performance polypropylene melt blown filter is manufactured in a computer controlled machine and is made of melting polypropylene which is ideal for aggressive chemicals and general filtration requirements. The inner layer fibers have a smaller diameter and have high density as compared to the medium and external layer fibers, creating variable increased porosity, and it results in reduced pressure drop and high contaminant dirt holding capacity. It provides high surface area and non-fibre releasing filtration for critical production needs.

LOFTREX has an optional industrial PP melt blown filter which is made of four layers of PP fibers. The inner fibres of the depth PP filter cartridge are extremely fine and compact to capture different sizes of particle into different layers of the fibre. This variable porosity can reduce the pressure drop and creates high contaminant dirt holding capacity for industrial application.

  • Excellent chemical compatibility and 100% natural polypropylene - providing broad chemical compatibility for a variety of applications.
  • Fixed pore structure - provides efficiency integrity and optimum particle retention and prevents media migration and ensures consistent quality filtration performance.
  • No binders, additives and lubricants.
  • High flow rate, low pressure drop, high dirt-holding capacity and longer service life.
  • Two or four layers structure.
  • Low pressure drop.
  • High dirt-holding capacity and high removal ratings.
  • Longer service life
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